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About Anne-Gaëlle

Anne-Gaëlle discovered the world of horses by pure coincidence at 15. Her bestfriend who had recently aquired a mare, introduced her to the animals who were going to be the biggest part of her life.

In order to be able to go riding with her bestfriend, Anne Gaëlle also decided to buy a mare : Praline. 

Unfortunatly Praline was suffering from laminitis and condemned to die by veterinarians.

With a huge dose of love and patience, Praline's laminitis got better and better until it healed entirely. During the recovery Anne-Gaëlle could not ride Praline, so they walked for hours side by side, discovering little by little liberty work.

In 2013, they participated to a show contest which they won. Thanks to this contest, Anne-Gaëlle was able to save another mare from the slaughterhouse : Albakane.

5 years later and many more saved horses later, after a hundred of shows, Anne-Gaëlle shares her love for her horses with us during her shows all over Europe.

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